CR | General Series
CR | General Series
Sykik Rider Motorcycle Camera CR1
CR | General Series

CR | General Series

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Model Price Quantity  
CR1 $89.95
CR2 $189.95

CR | General Series


Dual Camera system for your Bike

 Connects directly to your battery, thanks to Smart Park power system. Starts up recording once detects movement. Stops 3 minutes after no movement has sensed. Records on Micro SD card ( Type 10, up to 32GB, on CR1, 128GB on CR2, not included) for up to 5 hours recording time. The recording is in loop mode, replaces the oldest recording file with new, once the memory card is full. 

Built-in Safety Feature

In case of an accident, the built-in G sensor removes the accident footage from the loop and saves the file. 2” display, shoes, front, back or both live or after recording is done. Camera lenses rotate 360 degrees in the holster to accommodate installation on any angle. With the CR1's 720p stipulated 30fps, and the CR2's 1080P front and 720P back provides the clear recording. Excellent for security and pleasure.  The CR2 also provides WIFI connectivity, that allows you to connect to your phone for live viewing and downloading. 


Playback on Google Maps 

Playback both front and back views side by side on your computer. Available GPS tracker (optional), can display your route on Google map when designed for Motorcycle action camera and recording with one-year Sykik parts and labor US warrant.


Smart Park included

Includes Smart Park Power system for motion activated start and stop recording. Five hours of DVR recording through a micro-SD memory card, with Emergency recording, in case of an accident. Recording from your bike's view, rather than your helmet.



-720P Video

- Water Proof Front and Rear Cameras( 90 Degree Angle Coverage)

-AAA Grade Glass( Optimized for Low Light recordings)

- 2 Inch DVR

-Smart Park Sensor ( Camera shuts off  when Bike turns off )

-17”  Standard Camera Cable for each Camera

-77” Extension Cable for all fittings of motorcycles (additional extension available)

- Holds 32GB Micro SD Card 


- 1080P HD Video Front Camera 

- 720P HD Video Rear Camera

- On board Wi-Fi Connection, allows viewing of live or recorded files wirelessly on your smart phone or laptop.

- 2 Inch DVR

- AAA Grade Glass (Optimized for Low Light recordings)

- Smart Park Sensor (Camera shuts off when Bike turns off)

- 17" Standard Camera Cable for each Camera

- 77" Extension Cable for all fittings of Motorcycles (additional extension available)

- Holds 128GB Micro SD Card 


Watch Video on Wiring Installation Click Here

User Manual CR1 Click Here

User Manual CR2 Click Here

Installation Guide Click Here

Video Player with GPS/Google Maps Click Here


Ask a Question
  • is the screen water proof?

    This series is not a waterproof display, however, take a look at our ZR1 and RW series. 

  • How is the video quality for night time riding

    The night video quality is good if there is light outside. These are not night vision camera. So you are unable to see in pure darkness. 

  • can you play back the video from the 2” monitor? I\'m thinking in an accident I am not gonna have a pc to play the video for the cops lol

    Yes, you can view all of the footage directly from the monitor. If you have the WIFI unit, you can view it from your cell phone. 

  • can you playback the video from the 2” monitor? I\'m thinking in an accident I am not gonna have a pc to play the video for the cops lol

    Yes, you are able to playback all of the footage from the monitor.

  • How much recording time with the 32GB card on the CR1? I know the description says "up to 5 hours" but I'm sure that's on the CR2 with the 128GB card. I can do the math that 32 is 1/4 of 128, so based on that, seems like 1hr 15 min time, but does the reduced resolution make a difference in the calculation, and give the CR1 more than that?

    CR2 is a full 1080p resolution, so uses much more memory space. CR1 will hold about 5 hours of recording on a 32GB card

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