Sykik Rider Motorcycle Camera ZR1 Bluetooth WIFI capabillites
ZR-B | Hyper Series
ZR-B | Hyper Series
ZR-B | Hyper Series

ZR-B | Hyper Series

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Standard $399.95
With Bluetooth/ No WiFi $199.95

ZR-B | Hyper Series



The ZR series is our most famous and cutting-edge camera’s yet.  With up to three different options the choice is yours.

The Sykik ZR is our leading camera in design and quality. A game-changing camera to record the oncoming traffic along with the traffic trailing you. The ZR1 is a camera for the motorcyclist looking to capture their ride, film beautiful journeys while staying safe and accountable. We strive to provide a product that connects seamlessly to your bike but provides you with an extra set of eyes that watches your back. With a built in-sensor that records the moment your bike gets hit it records the impact into a simple 2-5 minute file. Sykik has your back and always will. It also comes with a smart park feature. Which means whenever your bike moves, your cameras automatically turn on. And it works, in the same way, turning off. When your bike stops moving then it turns off. Saving you battery and capturing the footage that you need.


With high definition video, your ride will capture views and rides all without knowing its even there. It contains waterproof front and rear cameras for your rainy days and AAA grade glass for extra quality. All cameras come with a waterproof DVR display screen that shows your front and back cameras view while your riding.  You can take it off and it easily snaps back in with simple color-coded wiring.


We have our installation and wiring guide down below and more links to show you how we can simplify your ride.



  • Bluetooth connectivity allowing for you to connect to any of your intercom systems. Allowing for live voice-over during your ride. Making it easier to Video blog and upload to the internet. This feature makes it easier to hear your reactions to what is going on around you.
  • WiFi connectivity makes it easier for you to download the footage right to your phone. With living viewing, you are able to angle the cameras to the perfect sweet spot.


-1080P HD Video

-DVR Screen

- Water Proof Front and Rear Cameras( 140 Degree Angle Coverage)

-AAA Grade Waterproof Glass( Optimized for Low Light recordings)

- 3 Inch Water Resistant Display

-Smart Park Sensor ( Camera turns on when Bike turns On/ Off )

-17”  Standard Camera Cable for each Camera

-77” Extension Cable for all fittings of motorcycles.


Optional Upgrades:


-GPS Tracking Unit: GPS Unit that connects right into the bikes and allows you to play your location while simultaneously seeing your bikes footage at the same time. It also comes with free software called Playback to enjoy your footage! Click Here for GPS tracker

-Wired Remote: Allows you to save any portion of your recordings and indicates whether the camera is on/off. Click Here for Wired Remote

- 170 degree rear camera available for this model. This allows you to upgrade from the 140 degrees to 170 degrees for the rear camera only!  Click here for the upgraded camera.


Watch this Video on Wiring Installation Click Here

User Manual Click Here

Installation Guide Click Here 

Wifi Set-up/App Download Click Here

 Video Player with GPS/Google Map Click Here


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