Motorcycle Camera W/Smart Park X21C (upgraded X21F)

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Sport action and DVR for your motorcycle. Record the action, scenery and your environment from your bike’s point of view, rather than your helmet. Includes 2 waterproof full 1080p HD cameras, separated IP57 waterproof lens with low illumination. Record the action from front and back of your motorcycle simultaneously. Awesome real 140 degree wide angle and super capacitor. Monitor both cameras in the 3" picture in picture screen. 3 channel recording, allows you to swap picture in picture anytime during play back on your big screen or any other monitor.

Connects to your battery without any charging problem. Supports up to 2 Micro SD slots, each take 128GB for total of 256 GB recording time (Not included) for long hours of recording. Sports mode for high speed 60fps recording. Includes "Smart Park", start recording automatically once movement is detected, and stops recording when stationary for 3 minutes. With Mirror effect to monitor back camera.



  • Pair of 1080p Action cameras for front and back recording simultaneously.
  • 3" picture in picture monitor, to view both front and back.
  • With "Smart Park" , starts recording automatically once movement sensed. With rare camera mirror effect
  • Recording from your bike's view, rather than your helmet, with Emergency recording in case of an accident
  • 20 hours of DVR loop recording through pair of 128GB memory card ports



  • Item Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Sykik
  • Item model number: X21F


Sykik Rider cameras are designed especially for motorcycles. Aimed to simplify the use of cameras, for security, and pleasure. A set of 2 waterproof,  wide-angle camera system is installed on the motorcycle or scooter. Powers through bike’s battery never need to be charged. Starts automatically with your ignition, or any movement (Smart Park) and turns off once the bike is not being used. Installing the cameras on the bike means you can freely move your head around to check for traffic on your either sides, without camera losing its point of view.


X21 Series video recording units are equipped with a 3” PIP monitor. You can choose to view either camera alone or choose PIP to view both at the same time. The rear camera is in mirror mode so the rider will see the objects approaching from the right side, on the right side of the monitor. All settings, including menu, is accessible through 3 buttons on the side of the DVR. Continues loop recording of front and back cameras are on separate Micro SD cards (not included). Compatible with up to 128MB high-speed Micro SD cards records up to 10 hours of recording from each camera. 4 level of recording quality is accessible through the menu. VGA for long recording time, Standard (Full HD  at 30fps), Sports (Full HD with 60fps) and Cruise (1080p at 30 fps). In a case of an accident, on board  Collision G-sensor, will mark the recording as “Emergency” and saves the section from loop over-ride.


The system includes a set of fully waterproof cameras with wide 140 degree angle to cover the views from front and back. New more compact housing design for X21C cameras are easy to install and fits into smallest openings. Camera lenses are Grade “AAA” glass, excellent for low light and night recording. The lens covers are replaceable, no need to replace the entire camera if damaged. Each camera cable is 17” long with a 77” extension cable to make installation easy.

Features and Options

X21C includes “Smart Park” power module. Allows you to connect directly to your battery without any harm . Once the module senses movement, it powers the DVR, and recording starts in seconds. The recording stops once no movement has been sensed for 3 minutes. It can still be connected to ignition if you prefer to start recording only when you start up your bike.

Optional GPS Tracking unit is easily connected to the unit. It will show your movement in Google Map next to the view from your camera in playback (With Free Software). Speed of travel along with direction is also marked along the Google Map.

Optional Wired remote will give you the choice of saving any portion of recording from loop over-ride. The lights on the remote, also indicates the status of recording.