Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset / Intercom Systems

Bluetooth Headset Bluetooth Intercom
Paired with one or more Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Cell phone
  • GPS
  • AM/FM radio

Include all Bluetooth headset functions.

Intercom function allows 2 or more riders to communicate while group riding.

Why should you use SYKIK Bluetooth headset?

  1. Hands-free = Safe. For motorcycle riders, Bluetooth headset (mobile phone, for example) allows you to use the phone completely hands-free while riding.   
  2. Inexpensive. The Bluetooth headset technology has improved and headsets are (almost) mass produced, driving down the cost.
  3. User-friendly. Once pairing between a Bluetooth device and headset has been connected once, the two re-pairs automatically when they are in close proximity. Also, with rich functional features, Many tasks can be performed, hands-free.
  4. Reliable, Low Interference, Universal, Little Energy Consumption ensures long hours of operation after each charge

Why should you use SYKIK Bluetooth intercom?

  1. Group-Oriented. Allows two or more riders to communicate. 
  2. Feature Rich. In addition to all features of SYKIK Bluetooth headset, it has intercom features.
  3. Distance. SYKIK Intercoms have different communication range (power output). Choose one that suits your group.
  4. Volume. Do you have small, not-so-loud voice? Loud wind (background) noise? Our microphone has noise filtering (reduction) function built-in for clarity.
  5. Easy to Install