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GPS Tracking

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GPS Tracking


Ever worry what would happen if your bike is stolen or lost?

Well, worry no more! Sykik's GPS locator is the next generation low-jack system. It never needs to be charged. This system plugs right into your bikes battery and ignition. 

Track your Motorcycle or Vehicle at any moment, with our GPS trackers. You install these systems straight to the battery of your vehicle, allowing for 24/7 tracking in case of an emergency.

No need to worry--we at SYKIK can help with this!
Our GPS trackers will provide you with an extra set of security in case your bike is ever stolen or misplaced. 
With a SIM card that you can prepay up to Twelve Months. At the lowest prices on the market.  

Allowing you to track the location and movement of your bike live from your smartphone. Enabling you to shut off your engine and a touch of a button from our APP. 

Why would I need one of these systems? 

  • Allows knowing where your bike is at a moments notice. 
  • Share your vehicles location with anyone you choose.

What's included in my purchase? 

  • The wires required to plug directly to the Battery
  • Wires that connect directly to the Ignition, act as a kill switch, optional installation
  • SIM card depends on Subscription chosen. 

App Download: 

  • Search "lksgps2"  on the APP store or Google Play store
  • Visit for computer tracking. 

Manual Download: 

    Installation Manual Click Here





    Ask a Question
    • Does the app alert your phone when your bike is moved from its location?

      You can set a parameter, if the bike is moved outside of the parameter, it will notify you

    • How much the subscription cost $$$$

      our package comes with one year pre-paid subscription. You can always purchase additional one year for $65.00 per year. We do not keep charging your credit card when the year is passed, unless you notify us.

    • First if I purchase with the 1 year tracking on demand service, limited updates? Also do you have a mobile app and is there a separate fee?

      You will receive unlimited real-time updates. And the Mobile app is free to download and use!

    • Interested in device for vintage motorcycle that has 6volt system. Looks like this unit is hard wired. Does it have a battery?

      The unit does not come with a battery. It plugs directly into your motorcycle battery. Requiring a minimum of a 9v battery.

    • If I have this installed in my motorcycle and don't ride for a week or two will this unit drain my battery?

      No this unit uses very little battery. It will not drain your bikes battery because it shuts off when not in use.

    • I’m planning to use in a motorcycle ! How long last motorcycle batterie with out using the motorcycle?

      There is no independent battery on this unit. The power comes directly from your bike!

    • how does it locate, does it use a Google Maps Link or what....?

      This system uses Cellular towers to track your location.

    • Can the device report position to a private website or personal cloud server?

      It reports directly to an APP on your phone or onto a browser online. That has an independent login.

    • will this track internationally?

      Yes, can track anywhere on the globe

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