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“I was lucky.
Actually, I was beyond lucky…
It’s hard to imagine what really happened at that moment, but lying down on the road I had a rush of negative thoughts in my mind.
As I lay there almost unconscious, unable to move for a minute or two, all I could think was I hope this doesn't lead to a grave injury or paralysis. It was a terrifying moment that became an important turning point in my life.” 

 - Parviz, Founder &CEO, Sykik.com

Our Story
The year was 2009. Parviz was driving his favorite Harley on the 405 freeway. The weather was bright with no real traffic anywhere in sight.
All of a sudden, he felt a big impact from behind followed by a loud noise. Before he could bat an eyelid, the motorcycle spun out of control and flipped over on the road at least four times. When it finally stopped, Parviz was lying there, unable to move, thinking whether he’s alive or not.
Parviz tried to gather himself, and once he was back in his senses, the situation was quite obvious. A car had hit him from behind. The driver fled the scene, and most probably would never be identified and held responsible for the damages. Unfortunately, with an increasing number of untrained drivers, these hit-and-run accidents had become too familiar, and Parviz could not believe that he became a victim of one such disaster.
Thankfully, the injuries were not serious enough or life-threatening. Parviz was able to bring it together, only to find that he's alone on the long wide road. It took a couple of minutes but, he was able to stand on his feet, which was a big relief at that time.
In his words, “This accident was the actual moment that made me realize how precious our lives are. I could have died. Having my Harley flip over multiple times became a wakeup call. I decided where I want to go in my life.”
“If I hadn’t had that experience, I don’t think I ever would have dared to start Sykik Rider. When I look back, I realize this incident motivated me to move ahead in life.”

The Turning Point
Parviz always knew that expensive products often don't reach the right hands. That's why he created Sykik Riders. The core idea is to provide common people with everyday-essential electronics, without having to pay a premium.
For instance, being hit blindly by a car from behind, Parviz realized that people have limited respect for motorcyclists. So he came up with a dual-sided camera, with hopes that this could change the safety for road motorcyclists. The highly-capable device can record videos and sounds of every moment that a rider spends on their motorcycle, including metrics like time, speed, location - exactly like a “black box.” These motorcycle cameras are invented with the only purpose to watch your back.
This also means riders can now have eyes in the back of their heads, so they:
Have an “extra view” to prepare in time, and get another chance to save their lives.
Use these recordings to establish who's guilty in front of the law.
Could enjoy long drives without having to worry about rash traffic or a sudden injury on the road.
Record every bit of those remarkable journeys while conquering obstacles along the way.
With a focus on safety, these dual camera devices can help riders react to cars, trucks, and other dangers behind them. Protection, comfort, practicality - all at an affordable price.

Welcome to The Sykik Experience
When Sykik.com sold its first product in 2009, the idea was quite simple - to prove that high-quality safety gear doesn't have to come at a premium fee. With research and an understanding of what our buyers want, we brought features from many expensive products to the world of everyday people... and as we've grown, our mission has expanded to ensure these advance electronics are accessible to everyone.
Our products are simple, affordable and designed to ensure you remain distraction-free, resulting in fewer traffic accidents. These products are also regularly tested by our veteran specialists who have years of experience on the road.

Promising Future Beckons
Our social impact is to create a global conversation about everyday safety. With every product that you buy, we're doing our bit to create a more secure world. Our only goal is to reduce accidents while helping you discover innovative products, to get you all home safe... and we won't have it any other way!!
Come, join the Sykik movement.


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