Motorcycle Cameras for Safety and Pleasure!

Unique Differentiating Features from Helmet Cameras

  1. Two HD cameras for front and back. Mounted on motorcycle.
  2. Up to 20 hours of endless loop recording - oldest recording is overwritten when memory is full.
  3. G-Sensor impact activated emergency recording - permanent video archiving (video file is not overwritten) when G-sensor detects impact (hit or strong jolt).
  4. GPS location recording - playback and track on Google map. (optional)
  5. Rear view monitor - rear-view monitor display like rear-view mirror. (Available on X21F)
  6. No Battery Charging Required - runs off the motorcycle battery. 
Motorcycle Camera Video Helmet Camera Video
Motorcycle Camera Comparison Chart
Number Of Cameras
Maximum Video Resolution
Maximum Video Recording
Video Recording Mode
Maximum Video Storage
Estimated Recording Time
Monitor Display
Shock / G-Sensor
GPS Tracker
Remote Control
Smart Park
Sound Recording
Real-view Monitoring
Mounting Cables / Hardware