XR | Premier Series
Motorcycle Camera XR3.0 Sykik Rider
XR | Premier Series
XR | Premier Series
XR | Premier Series
XR | Premier Series
XR | Premier Series
XR | Premier Series
XR | Premier Series
XR | Premier Series


XR | Premier Series

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XR | Premier Series


The XR3.0 is one of our most popular cameras among our riders. With duo cameras that record both points of view.

The Sykik XR3.0 is easily one of the most advanced cameras we ever made. A game-changing camera to not just record the front of the bike but also the back was our way of keeping you and your bike safe. The XR3.0 is a camera for the motorcyclist looking to capture his ride and memorable experiences. While also keeping you safe and accountable in the event of a crash.  We want you to have a product that blends seamlessly into your bike but provides you with an extra set of eyes that watches out for you. With a built in-sensor that records the moment your bike gets hit. It records the impact into a simple 2-5 minute file. Sykik has your back and always will. It also comes with a smart park feature. Which means whenever your bike moves, your cameras automatically turn on. When your bike stops moving then it shuts off. Saving you battery and capturing the footage that you need.

With high definition video, your ride will capture views and rides all without you knowing its even there. It contains waterproof front and rear cameras for your rainy days and AAA grade glass for extra security. All cameras with a display screen that shows your front and back cameras view while your riding.  You can take it off and it easily snaps back in with simple color-coded wiring. Along with WIFI connectivity that allows for live viewing and downloading footage right onto your phone.

We have our installation and wiring guide down below and more links to show you how we can maximize your ride.


- Wi-Fi capabilities allow for live viewing via a mobile device. Downloading footage directly onto your Wi-Fi capable device.

-1080P HD Video

- 3.0 Inch DVR Screen

- Waterproof Front and Rear Cameras( 140 Degree Angle Coverage)

-AAA Grade Glass( Optimized for Low Light recordings)

-Smart Park Sensor ( Camera turns on when Bike turns On/ Off )

-17”  Standard Camera Cable for each Camera

-77” Extension Cable for all fittings of motorcycles.

-Storage Support:

-Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Support: Connects to phone, tablet and computer.

Now with fish eye 150 degree super night vision lens, front and back

Optional Upgrades:

-GPS Tracking Unit: GPS Unit that connects right into the bikes and allows you to play your location while simultaneously seeing your bikes footage at the same time. It also comes with free software called Playback to enjoy your footage!

-Wired Remote: Allows you to save any portion of your recordings and indicates whether the camera is on/off. 


Watch this video on Wiring Instructions Click Here

Installation Guide Click Here

User Manual Click Here

Wifi Set-up/App Download Click here

Video Player with GPS/Google Map Click Here



Ask a Question
  • How does the G-sensor start recording if someone is tampering with the bike, if the camera needs the ignition on to be powered?

    G sensor is for the case of an accident when you are riding and the cameras are recording. In case of an accident, the G sensor activates emergency recording mode, that will save the file from being recorded over by loop recording. 

  • How to buy waterproof casing?

    Visit the rider accessories pages. 

  • Can the screen be easily removed when you park? For safe keeping? So no one steals it.

    in order to remove the head unit, you will need to un-plug 3 cords connected toi the system. If you like to have a unit with removable head unit, please take a look at ZR series (ZR1BT WiFi). We also have a few in recondition with %30 discount.

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