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Simplifies Camera Use

Sykik Rider cameras are designed especially for motorcycles. Aimed to simplify the use of cameras, for security, and pleasure. A set of 2 waterproof,  wide-angle camera system is installed on the motorcycle or scooter. Powers through bike’s battery never need to be charged. Starts automatically with your ignition, or any movement (Smart Park) and turns off once the bike is not being used. Installing the cameras on the bike means you can freely move your head around to check for traffic on your either sides, without camera losing its point of view. 
Sykik Rider motorcycle Camera Zr1 Bluetooth Wifi Capabilites

   Sports Action Camera

 Sports action and DVR for your motorcycle. Record the action, scenery and your environment from your bike’s point of view, rather than your helmet. Includes 2 fully waterproof  1080p HD cameras, separated IP57 waterproof lens with low illumination. Record the action from the front and the back of your motorcycle simultaneously. Awesome real 140-degree wide angle and supercapacitor. Monitor both cameras in the 3" picture on the DVR. 3 channel recording, allows you to swap the picture anytime during playback on your big screen or any other monitor.

Sykik Rider motorcycle Camera Zr1 Bluetooth Wifi Capabilites

 Bluetooth and Wifi Connectivity!

Bluetooth connectivity allows for voiceover effect on all of your videos. Connect to any intercom system and easily voice over all the action! WIFI connectivity allows for immediate playback or live viewing directly from a smartphone or tablet directly from our APP.Sykik Rider motorcycle Camera Zr1 Bluetooth Wifi Capabilites


 Connects to Battery   

 Connects to your battery without any charging problem. Supports one Micro SD card, which supports up to 128GB (Not included) for long hours of recording. Sports mode for high speed 60fps recording. Includes "Smart Park", start recording automatically once movement is detected, and stops recording when stationary for 3 minutes. With Mirror effect to monitor back camera.

Sykik Rider motorcycle Camera Zr1 Bluetooth Wifi Capabilites

Bluetooth nor Wifi is available in the Base model

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