SRTP400 Internal Tire Pressure Monitor
SRTP400 Internal Tire Pressure Monitor
SRTP400 Internal Tire Pressure Monitor
SRTP400 Internal Tire Pressure Monitor

SRTP400 Internal Tire Pressure Monitor

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8 mm $69.95
11 mm $79.95

SRTP400 Internal Tire Pressure Monitor



  • 1- Tire pressure monitor for motorcycles. With Internal tire sensors
  • 2-  1.5" water resistance monitor with a built-in rechargeable battery
  • 3- Advanced internal sensors for easy reach
  • 4- Exchangeable to PSI and Fahrenheit, 9-12 month long-life rechargeable battery in the monitor

    Revolutionary Tire pressure monitoring system that allows you to do a one-time installation. The unit installs directly into your motorcycle's tires, replacing current stems. They are continually monitoring your air pressure. Detecting punctures right when they happen. 

    With a 1.5" water-resistant monitor, that you can recharge every about 6 months via supplied USB cord

    For units that mount on the Stems of your tire stems. Please visit the Srtp200, Srtp300, Srtp630. 

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    • Are the sensors hermetically sealed? I use Ride-On tire sealant and balancer in my tires. Will that interfere with the sensors?

      The sensors are sealed. No problem using with balancer and tire sealant

    • Hi There, Will these internal valves fit a Honda ST1300 front and rear rim? What is the expected life of the internal sensor? What is the delivery time of replacement sensors when needed? Do you ship to New Zealand? Thanks for your help. Kind regards Michael

      Most rims take a 8mm thick stems. These units are 8mm thick at stem. Please check the size of the holes on your rims. If you have 11.5mm opennings, you will need adapters.
      Each sensor, have 2 year battery life, once the battery life is over, better to replace the sensors. You could change batteries, but not as easy, will need a soldering of wires to batteries.
      We ship same day, but to NZ, specially by USPS can takes weeks to deliver. If yous stems are metal, I still recommend SRTP300 (external sensors). If robber stems, you might want to have them change to metal.
      We ship to NZ, if you choose USPS (most economic) can take weeks, FedEx Economy will be about one week.

    • I alternate use of two different rear wheels. Is the process to pair a new sensor easy? I also use Ride-On tire balancer/sealant. Are the sensors affected by that?

      If you just rotate the 2 tires, on the display, you will have the rear instead of front and viseversa. You can pair the sensors to the correct position, but in order to do so, you will need to remove the tires from the rim. Please see manual for pairing. Let me know if you need instructions

    • Are stems on the valves plastic or metal?

      SRTP400 sensors are with metal stems

    • Bonjour. Puis je monter les capteurs internes sur des jantes kawasaki avec un diamètre de perçage de 11.3mm ? Merci

      L'épaisseur de ces capteurs est de 8,3 mm. Vous devrez utiliser des adaptateurs pour s'adapter à votre 11 mm.

    • If I need to replace, for some reason, and I can't get your sensors quick enough, can I use someone else's sensor with your monitoring unit? Are the batteries in the sensors disabled when they are shipped?

      We use standard radio wave for this product. most factories use same. But there is no garranty. If you order from us, you can always ask for a quick shipping. We can also do next day, might cost you a few dollers more.

    • My motorcycle has a different tire pressure for the 2 tires. Can I set different independent pressure alarms for the 2 tires?

      you can have different tire pressure for front and back on models:
      SRTP210, SRTP630, SRTP670 and SRTP690
      Model SRTP300 and SRTP400 only accepts same value for both tires for your minimum and max pressure alarms.

    • hello, how can I change the battery on sensor?

      The batteries in the internal sensors have a 2 year life. Not easily exchanged. the batteries are glued inside.

    • What kind of batteries do the sensors inside the tire require

      They take CR1632.

    • Are these sensors accurate in the 4 to 10 psi range? I'm thinking of installing them on a ATV

      These are usually within 2-4 pai accuracy. Fplease check your wheel stem holes to be 8mm to match. Also for 3 wheel, you can look at SRTP690

    • What size (stem) holes do the sensors fit?

      It uses 8mm stem holes

    • Is there a backlight so it can be seen at night?

      yes, the features on display, are all lighted and clearly visable at night

    • Is the system connected to power from the motorcycle so that it is powered on and powered off by the bike, or do I need to separately power this unit on at each startup?

      the sensors are powered by replaceable batterirs with about 1 year life. The main unit is powered with built-in rechargable battery. You will need to charge the battery via included USB cord about every 6-9 months. With motion sensor, it will turn on and off with the motion of the bike

    • Will the new stem fit wheels with either 8.3mm or 11.3mm?

      Sorry, these units are for wheels up to 6mm (1/4") thick.

    • It appears that there is a temperature reading on the monitor as well as pressure. is that correct?

      Correct. The display will show temperature as well as pressure on each tire. You can change the default setting on max and minimum pressure also maximum temperature.

    • When the battery goes dead do you need to replace the entire sensor?

      there are 2 different types of battery used in this system. the Monitor uses a rechargeable battery that you will charge every 6-9 months. The sensors use 4 round watch battery with 3-year life span. After 3 years, you can change the batteries or purchase new sensors.

    • Will system read pressures before wheel movement?

      yes, as soon as you set up the system, it will show your tire pressure and inner temperature. It is not dependent on the movement of the wheels.

    • Can I connect sensors to an IOS app on my phone rather than having to mount the display?

      The systems with monitore are paired to the monitor. They are not using Bluetooth, but radio waves. therefore they cannot be used by the APP on your phone.

    • How long do the batteries in the sensors last? Are they easily changed?

      The batteries last two to three years.

    • Hi Will the SRTP400 sensor ( 11 mm ) fit my 2016 Harley Dyna Switchback rim size?

      Most rims take standard 8mm. You should be ok with 8mm. Unless you have upgraded your rim. You can also measure the thichness of your stems. In case you purchase the wrong size, you can always exchange to the correct size.

    • 2017 harley davidson road glide what size 8mm or 11mm

      Standard for your bike is a 8mm, unless you have a special rim. You can also take a look at your existing stems. If you buy the wrong size, not to worry, we can have it exchanged as well.

    • My bike is honda rebel500. What options should I choose? 8mm ?or 11mm?

      Most bikes, including Rebel 500, comes with a standard 8mm. If you have not changed your rims, you should look into standard SRTP400 with 8mm or SRTP400EL with 8 mm

    • I am fairly certain that the 2021 vstrom 650 xt with spoke wheels is an 11.3 diameter stem. does the 11mm one offered fit this safely or is compatible? I am looking to put these in with my new tires but need to be sure they work correctly.

      Yes, the openning of the wheel is a fraction larger than the stem thickness so you can place the stem through. The sensors have rubber connection point to seal the openning.

    • I received a new, unopened SRT400 kit and I cannot figure out which sensor is intended for the front tire and which sensor is intended for the rear. The manual does not indicate how to tell, or instruct on how the connect the sensors with the monitor. Can you please help me figure this out so that I can get these mounted when I put my new tires on?

      There is no difference between the front and back sensors. They both work in either spot. When you start to pair, you will choose which tire on the display to show for sensore you are pairing.

    • Are the internal sensors from the SETP400 kit Bluetooth capable for monitoring via the Sykik app, or are they only capable of being monitored via the included 1.5” screen? I like the idea of internal sensors but want to avoid having to mount the screen to my bike.

      The internal sensors do not comunicate with Bluetooth. You will need to use the head unit. You can place the headunit on the handelbar or in your bag as well

    • What is the pressure range of this system? Lowest to highest readable pressure please.

      the range is 0 to 99 PSI

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