Sykik Rider SRTP300 Wireless tire pressure monitoring system for motorcycles with 1.5” monitor. Check your tire pressure while riding - SYKIK
SRTP300 Mounted Tire Pressure Monitor

SRTP300 Mounted Tire Pressure Monitor

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SRTP300 Mounted Tire Pressure Monitor


  • Thank you for considering Sykik TPMS for Motorcycles, scooter and other 2 wheel vehicles. This system is designed to provide real-time monitoring of tire pressure and temperature. This wireless system is easy to install in minutes. Just set the range of tire pressures and maximum temperature and you are set to go. Or just use the default settings for your parameters. In case of a sudden drop in tire pressure, even still above the minimum setting, you will be alerted to take the necessary precautions. Keeping your tire pressure in the correct range not only can saves lives will saves fuel, and extend tire life.

    in the box

    What is in the Box

    In the box you will find the following:

    Waterproof main unit with multi-color display

    Set of tire sensors

    Set of luck-nuts

    Luck-nut / battery changing tool

    Handlebar mount

    USB charging cord

    Instruction manual

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    • I have 2 inch Hanldebars. Will the mount fit?

      Sorry, the included mount will not fit. However, you can use double-sided adhesive, or velcro to instal on a flat surface also 

    • I have rubber valve stems. Is that a problem with this product?

      These type of outer TPMS is not recommended for rubber stems. They will increase the pressure in the stems, so can cause the failure of the stems. You can use the inner tire type, such as Sykik SRTP400 

    • Just installed the SRTP300, but how long does it take for the monitor to recognize the sensors?

      It seems you need to reset the sensors. Remove the sensors and re-instal again. This will reset

    • I lost the screen that displays de numbers. Can I buy only a new screen, as I already have the other stuff?

      please click bellow link:

      Or search for DISPLAY MONITOR FOR SRTP300-400

      Please note, you will need to pair your sensors to the new monitor. If you need a new instruction manual, please let me know

    • I have metal valve stems that are threaded to accept screw on sensors on both inside and/or outside the wheel. Will your screw on sensors work inside the wheel?

      The sensors for SRTP300 is only for outside of the wheel. For inside, you should look at SRTP400. These replaced you stems

    • I have just purchased the SYKIK Rider SRTP-300. Can these valve stem transmitters also be used with the phone app. The mounting bracket is much larger than my old system and I may prefer to use my phone rather than the handle bar display unit. Thanks

      SRTP300 does not transmit with Bluetooth , it is radio wave that is more stable. Also can make the sensors fit in a smaller space. You cannot use them with your phone APP. I sugguest you look into a flat mount so you can place the monitor on your dash, fairing, gas tank ...

    • Will the display receive the sensor signals from the wheels if the display is mounted inside an enclosed vehicle?

      Yes the monitor can receive the signals if installed inside the cab. The range of the signal will be reduced depending on the thickness of the cab. In a distance of about 10', there should not be a problem at all.

    • Can Sykik TPMS be used with Ride On Balancer/Sealer installed? Are the sensors potted/sealed?

      Yes, they will work. The sensors are sealed

    • I am having trouble setting up my TPMS 300. Do you have a manual or website to help me out?

      SRTP300 comes paired out of the box. If you are not getting readings when installed, please remove the sensors and re-install. For more help please contact


      To monitor the tire pressure, the external sensors will bring the aire pressure from the tire to the stem, by pressing down the stem's little needle. in normal condition, this needle keeps the air in the tire trapped bellow the stem. the sensor will bring the air all the way up to the tip of the stem. Therefor increasing the air pressure in the stem to the air pressure inside the tire.

    • What is the minimum tire pressure it can monitor? For off-road use I like to go down to 1.0 bar, would that work? I also use slime in my tires, would it work with slime?

      SRTP300 ranges from 0 to 99 PSI. So you can use for low as 0 pressure. Also the slime will have no effect on the system

    • can the sensors from the SRTP300 be configured to work with the android app as well?

      Sorry, cannot. The APP based sensors comunicate with Bluetooth connection. SRTP300 connection is FM wave that is more stable and allows smaller size sensors.

    • Can this be used on a 90° METAL stems

      This model can be used on a 90 degree stems, as long as they are metal. Please note you might have space limitations. The sensors are 1.5 CM (0.6 inch) in diameter. so you will need about half of that (from center of your stems) clearance arround the stem.

    • Is there a default setting and if so how do you get it?

      there is a defualt setting, 29PSI for low and 44PSI for high.
      You can change the setting in page 5 of the manual you find:

      Parameter setting

      • Maximum pressure alarm value can be set as high as 87PSI (6 BAR).
      • Maximum pressure range can be displayed 99 PSI (up to 8 BAR).

      High Pressure Setting:

      • Press and hold SET button to enter settings.
      • Press < to choose "high pressure HI" as  below,
      • Press SET button to setup high pressure alarm value.
      • Press< to adjust the value desired
      • Press SET to save.
      • Press and hold SET button about 3s to save and exit to standby.


      Low Pressure Setting:

      • Press and hold SET button to setup
      • Press < to choose "low pressure LO" as below,
      • Press SET button to setup low pressure alarm value.
      • Press < to adjust the value desired
      • Press SET to save.
      • Press and hold SET button about 3s to save and exit..






    • What is the replacement battery type for the tire pressure sensors on SRTP300? This should be documented in the user manual so we can buy spares before they are needed.

      The replacement battery is CR1225. You are correct, we will include in the manual on the next publication

    • Can you still use phone app also with this unit?

      The sensors on units with display use radio vawes that are more accurate and more stable. So cannot be used through APPs that use Bluetooth connection.

    • My motorcycle requires 28psi front and rear. Does this fall within the range this TPMS will monitor without setting off the low pressure alarm?

      Yes, you can reduce the low setting as low as you like

    • Can it be changed to psi or is it stuck in bar measurement?

      Yes, you can change between PSI and BAR, also between Fahrenheit and Celcius.

    • how often you should charge it?

      The display unit will need to be charged every 3-6 months. Depending on usage.

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