CRc | Compact Series

CRc | Compact Series

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CR1c $89.95
CR2c $179.50

CRc | Compact Series


Driving for Uber and Lyft opens drivers up to an extreme amount of liability.

Passengers can make untrue claims against drivers, as can other parties if you get involved in an accident. But there’s hope for drivers everywhere, coming in the form of a simple tool that’s widely available and very affordable.

It’s a dash cam.

This simple device is like a GoPro but for vehicles. It’s designed to be mounted on your dashboard and record everything happening on the road (and depending on the model, inside the car) as you drive.

In case of an accident, where you are not at fault, this can be used as hard/first-hand evidence of the event and possibly save you thousands of dollars in liabilities to insurance companies and other fees.



-720P  Video.

- Up to 5 hours of looping footage (on a 32GB Micro SD Card)

- WaterProof Front and Rear Cameras( 90 Degree Angle Coverage).

-AAA Grade Glass( Optimized for Low Light recordings).

-2.0 Inch DVR Screen.

-USB Connection (turns on and off with your vehicle).

-17”  Standard Camera Cable for each Camera.

-77" Extensions Cables, One for the front and two for the rear.


- 1080P Front Camera and 720P HD rear camera

- Up to 7 hours of looping footage (with 128GB Micro Sd card)

-WaterProof Front and Rear cameras (140 Degree Angle Coverage).

-AAA Grade Class (Optimized for Low Light recordings).

- 2.0 Inch DVR Screen.

-77" Extensions Cables, One for the front and two for the rear.

- USB Connection (turns on and off with your vehicle)

- Wifi Connectivity: Allows for live viewing through a WIFI enabled device to see what the device is seeing.


Additional Upgrades: 

-GPS Tracking Unit: GPS Unit that connects right into the XR3.0C unit and allows you to play your location while simultaneously seeing your cars footage at the same time. It also comes with free software called Playback to enjoy your footage!

-Wired Remote: Allows you to save any portion of your recordings and indicates whether the camera is on/off.


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