Sykik Rider Motorcycle Camera FR1
FR1 | Rider Series
FR1 | Rider Series

FR1 | Rider Series

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FR1 | Rider Series


The Sykik FR1 is our premium safety camera, with two cameras to watch both your front and back. To capture both the good and bad of your ride.

The Sykik FR1 is our first camera that inspired our best-selling sensor cameras. A revolutionary innovation to not just record the front of the bike but also the back, was our inventive approach to motorcycle camera safety. The FR1 is for the motorcyclist who wants to be safe and sound while enjoying the ride at the same time. We aim to cultivate a camera that serves its intention while not being a detriment to your ride. Our camera turns on the moment your engine roars on and never stops documenting, no matter the length of your journey. Built-in G sensor, recognizes if you get hit, and saves the accident 2-5 minute file.

Sykik has your back and always will.

With high-quality Full HD video, we record your journey with precision and clarity which will provide you relief knowing you always have a Sykik. Its A- Class Lense will last for years to come and provide you with clarity during your ride. Other vehicle cameras tend to run out of battery or cease working when an impact occurs. Sykik beats the competitors and boasts a 10 hour looping time. We got your back.

We have our installation and wiring guide down below and more instructions to show you how we can simplify your ride. We got your back!


-720P Full HD video

-Front and Rear Cameras

-A-Class glass Lenses

-DVR Screen(Shows both camera views while riding)

-10 hours of recording time.

-G sensor

Optional Upgrades:

-GPS tracker(Allows you to see the location on google maps)

-Remote control(Allows you to choose any portion of your video in Emergency mode, saves in loop override.




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