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Ten Hours of Looping Recording 

The FR1 camera system is a great mid-range system with full HD recording capability. Installation of two cameras, one front and the other in the back of your motorcycle to record both views simultaneously. Holding up to a 128 GB SD card, this camera system can record up to 10 straight hours of footage!

Sykik Rider Motorcycle Camera FR1

Connects to Ignition/Battery

Connects to your ignition (or battery) to start recording as soon as you start your bike, and shuts off when you turn off your bike. No battery to charge or on/off switch which means worry-free recording. DVR unit records on micro SD card (type 10 or higher) and can accept up to 128 GB. With loop recording, it always records, regardless of the duration of your ride. In case of an accident, onboard G sensors will mark the 2 to 5 minutes recording into emergency mode and saves the file from the loop override. Wide class "A" glass lenses record the images in 720p Full HD for clear picture quality. The Display of 2" on the DVR allows you to monitor, front, back or both while it is recording, as well as playback.

Sykik Rider Motorcycle Cameras

Playback on GoogleMaps

Optional GPS tracker is available to locate your movement on Google map alongside the camera views when playing back. Optional wired remote control, allows you to choose any portion of your video into emergency mode to save from loop override.

Sykik Rider Motorcycle Camera FR1