Sykik Rider Motorcycle Camera RW1 4.5' Screen
RW | Sports Series
RW | Sports Series
RW | Sports Series

RW | Sports Series

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Model Price Quantity  
RW1 $149.95
RW3.0 $299.95

RW | Sports Series


The RW series is one of Sykiks bestselling performance cameras. With two cameras that record both points of views.  To capture both the exciting side and the ugly side of your ride. 

  The Sykik RW is one of the most innovative cameras we’ve made so far. A game-changing camera to not just record the front of the bike but also the back was our inventive approach to motorcycle camera security. The RW is a camera for the motorcycle enthusiast looking to capture his ride, and his experiences, while being safe and accountable. We want you to have a product that seamlessly connects to your bike but provides you with an extra set of eyes. With a 4.5' screen, you are always able to check your blind spots. It comes with a built-in G-sensor that records the moment your motorcycle is impacted. And records the impact into a simple 2-5 minute file. Sykik has your back and always will. It comes with a smart park attachment, meaning whenever your bike moves, your cameras automatically turn on. And it works, in the same way, turning off. When your bike stops moving then it turns off. Saving your bike's battery and capturing the footage that counts.


With high definition video, your ride will capture scenic views and rides without notice. It contains waterproof front and rear cameras for your rainy days. And AAA grade glass that captures clear and crisp. All cameras also come with a waterproof DVR display screen that shows your front and back cameras view while your riding.  You can take it off and it easily snaps back in with simple color-coded wiring.


We have our installation and wiring guide down below and more links to show you how we can simplify your ride.




-720P HD Video

- WaterProof Front and Rear Cameras( 140 Degree Angle Coverage)

-AAA Grade Glass( Optimized for Low Light recordings)

- 4.5 Inch Water Resistant Display

-Smart Park Sensor ( Camera shuts off  when Bike turns off )

-17”  Standard Camera Cable for each Camera

-77” Extension Cable for all fittings of motorcycles (additional extension available)


- 1080P HD Video

- 4.5 Inch Water Resistant DVR

- On board Wi-Fi Connection, allows viewing of live or recorded files wirelessly on your smart phone or laptop.

- AAA Grade Glass (Optimized for Low Light recordings)

- Smart Park Sensor (Camera shuts off when Bike turns off)

- 17" Standard Camera Cable for each Camera

- Set of 77" Extension Cable for all fittings of Motorcycles (additional extension available)

Optional Upgrades:


-GPS Tracking Unit: GPS Unit that connects right into the bikes and allows you to play your location while simultaneously seeing your bikes footage at the same time. It also comes with free software called Playback to enjoy your footage!

-Wired Remote: Allows you to save any portion of your recordings and indicates whether the camera is on/off.




Ask a Question
  • Whats in the box for $149?

    All you need is in the box except the memory card. Includes 2 cameras, 2 x 
    8' extension cords for the cameras. 2 sets of camera mounts. Smart park. DVR monitor with 4.5" display. Handlebar mount for the monitor. Strap ties 

  • I did not receive any instructions on how to operate this device. Seller, can you send me a copy of instructions?

    There are links at the bottom of the product page for the instruction manuals and user manuals. 

  • what compatible SD card and instruction manual include this product?

    Memory card is not included. Instruction manuals are available on Product Page

  • The pictures show a push-button to mount on the bars. I assume this locks a video and takes a picture. Is this included?

    That is a wired remote to save files from over write. Not included 

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