SRB6LUS fully waterproof dash cam with Wi-Fi
SRB6LUS fully waterproof dash cam with Wi-Fi
SRB6LUS fully waterproof dash cam with Wi-Fi
SRB6LUS fully waterproof dash cam with Wi-Fi


SRB6LUS fully waterproof dash cam with Wi-Fi

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SRB6LUS fully waterproof dash cam with Wi-Fi


motorcycle dash cam

This dash cam is especially designed for motorcycles, aims to improve safety, provide you with a comprehensive record of your ride. 



Display Size No Screen
Video Resolution Front and Rear Camera 1080P(1920*1080)
Lens 6-layer all glass
Camera View Angle 130° Wide Angle
Power Cable ACC Power Module
WiFi Yes
Microphone Built-in
G-Sensor Yes, Level 0/1/2/3/4
Loop Recording Yes (1/2/3/5min)
Video Format MOV (H.264)
Memory Card(Not Include) Support 8GB-256GB micro SD card, Class 10 and above
Operating Humidity (RH) 4%~90% RH
Operating Temperature (°C) -10~65 °C
GPS B07QKBRQRR (Optional)
Waterproof Level IP67/IP65( All parts is waterproof)

without screen


Loop Recording

Waterproof Dash Cam Host


  • On rainy days, the excellent water resistance of the dash cam will increase your cycling comfort.


WiFi Support


  • Using the SYKIK Camera APP App "WiFi Camera" could connect to camera , no need for mobile cellular data, you can view real-time video, download video, edit (clip & add music), and share the video directly on your phone without removing the memory card.


Loop Recording


  • With loop recording enabled, users will have the option to record videos in loops of 1 / 2 / 3 / 5 minute video files. If the TF card is full, the earliest recorded video will be overwritten, but the locked videos will not be overwritten.


130° Wide-angle Cameras

G-sensor Help Record Video Evidence in Case of An Accident

wire controller

130° Wide-angle Cameras


  • Front and rear double recording, 130 ° wide-angle cameras can capture a wider field of view, record more scenery along the way. Mounted it on a motorcycle, you will get a stable view.


G-sensor Help Record Video Evidence in Case of An Accident


  • Automatically capture accidental driving accidents in time and save collision video files, effectively protect your legal rights. Video files recorded in emergency mode are protected from being overwritten by normal recording video.
  • Note: When saved video file of each camera exceeds together 10 KEY-XXX or GSR-XXX videos, system will delete the earliest one KEY/GSR files.


Wire Controller


  • LED Light:
  • 1.Normal record: flash 1s/time
  • 2.Emergency record: flash 0.5s/time
  • 3.Recording stop: Shutdown
  • Botton:
  • Short press any one of botton can save a emergency video and takce a snapshot(Both buttons have the same function).
  • Note: If you set the loop recording time to 5 minutes per video, a button press or 10 button presses during those 5 minutes will only count as one emergency video. If you want to save 10 videos per camera, please press the button according to the interval of the set loop recording time.


More Features

auto power on


cable clip

Automatic Video Recording


  • The DVR starts automatically with the key ignition and turns off once the bike is not being used.
  • Please make sure the yellow wire is connected to an ACC power source, such as headlight, tail light, horn, and others which is associated with the ignition.


Waterproof Connector


  • Waterproof connector ensures normal transmission even in rainy days, ensuring the stability of the video signal.


Wire Clips


  • You no longer have to worry about cluttered lines. It help you keep your wiring neatly organized for a simple and neat installation.





More about our product:

Package include:


  • 1* Dash Cam Main Unit
  • 1* USB test cable
  • 1* Power cable
  • 1* Front Camera with extension cable
  • 1* Rear Camera with extension cable
  • 1* Wired Controller
  • 1* User Manual



Ask a Question
  • SRB6LUS. How do I set the camera up for loop recording to a micro sd card? Your manual says nothing about this.

    no need to do any adjusting. The unit is already on loop recording. Just install and start recording.