SRTP400 Elbow

SRTP400 Elbow

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Model Price Quantity  
Standard 8mm $79.95
11mm $89.95

SRTP400 Elbow


Thank you for considering Sykik TPMS for Motorcycles, scooter and other 2-wheel vehicles. This system is designed to provide real-time monitoring of tire pressure and temperature. In case of a sudden drop in tire pressure, even still above the minimum setting, you will be alerted to take the necessary precautions. Keeping your tire pressure in the correct range not only can saves lives will saves fuel and extend tire life.


Fully Waterproof 1.5" monitor can be installed in a variety of locations. The package includes a handlebar mount, for round bars. The unit interface is a standard 1/4" screw hole. make it easy to be used with a variety of mounts sold in the market. the manufacturer also can provide a flat mount, to instal on flat surfaces. The monitor is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery with a long life of 6-9 months. Once the battery needs to be charged, you will be alerted. USB cord to charge the battery is also included in the box. The display is a bright multi-color screen, clearly visible in day time or night. If your tire experiences a sudden air loss, or air leak, the display flashed in red and blue, catching your attention with constant beeping. This alert is also repeated if your tire pressure goes beyond the minimum and maximum pressure or the temperature you have selected for each tire. Size: 2"x2", 1" deep.


Sensors are fully waterproof wireless broadcasters to send pressure and temperature of the tire to the monitor. These internal sensors not only provide a more accurate reading but is also easier to add air to your tires in case of lower pressure. Since they replace your tire stems, these are the perfect replacement for your rubber stems. The sensors each include 3 small watch battery (different for each model) to last about 3 years. It provides easy access to add air or such.

Please note, this item comes in 2 sizes of 8mm (standard) and 11mm stem thickness. Please choose according to your rim.

New improved stems with stronger material and more clearance for the rim thickness than before.


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