SRTP670 3 wheeler TPMS with display
SRTP670 3 wheeler TPMS with display

SRTP670 3 wheeler TPMS with display

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SRTP670 3 wheeler TPMS with display


  • Wireless, effortless monitoring of your tire pressure at any time for your safety.
  • 1.5" colour LCD will flash and beep if any problem
  • Easy installation and vandal resistant. Carries one-year parts and labour US warranty by SYKIK
  • Great to use with any brand of motorcycles, including Harley Davidson, Honda, Suzuki, BMW, Yamaha, KTM, Indian, Victory, spider, CanAm and others

    Ask a Question
    • Can I use on each tire and run the 3rd one to monitor the air pressure in my air ride on harley?

      Yes. Just check the low pressure alarm. You can have different pressure for each axel ( total of 2 axel).

    • I have installed an SRTP 670 system on my gold wing trike. When and how often does the display update? What triggers the display update when not in alarm?

      The unit turns on and off with motion of the bike. The sensors send signals evry few seconds to update the display.

    • I purchased this for a sidecar rig. Which monitor for which tire will work best? I guess 1 on front 2 on rear 3 on hack?.

      ALL sensors are same, you can place any which way you like. Just note, there can be 2 settings for minimum and max pressure, one for front and 2nd for the 2 tires showing on back  on the monitor.

    • If system has low pressure warning what its the lowest PSI pressure it can be set? My front tires on the Soyder F3 at 15 PSI cold and most od this system doesn’t allow to set low pressure warning to lower than 15 PSI

      You can set the minimum pressure as low as 1 PSI

    • Can the SRTP670 be used with the app as well as the included display?

      SRTP670 uses radio waves that are more stable to communicate with the display. Cannot be used with phone apps that use Bluetooth.

    • Do you sell the battery removal tool that fit the valve cap

      The tool is included in he box when purchase. In case you have misplaced and need another, please send me your order number or copy of invoice.

    • Would I need to have metal value stems installed!

      SRTP670 is a external sensor model. We do recommend to change to metal stems.

    • How long do the sensor batteries last on the tires?

      The batteries are rated for one year. But depending on how often you ride, it could be more.

    • Does this model include a handlebar mount and is the temperature function reading inside tire temps or outside ambient air temps.

      Includes handlebar mount. The tepreture reading is the the inside of tire.

    • Can the allowable ranges of tire pressure be programmed for each wheel separately?

      No, the high and low pressure alarm is unique for all tires.

    • I have the SRT670 fitted to my CanAm Spyder and it works great. Can the valves be connected to your Sykik App

      No, SRTP670 uses radio signals for more stable connection. The APP is on a Bluetooth connection.

    • What kind of battery does the monitor use

      Display is equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery. Every 8-12 months, you will need to charge the battery using the provided USB cord

    • Are other views available of the monitor? How does it mount?

      On one side you have 2 buttons to control the functions. On the back, there is a 1/4" nut hole for mount. The unit comes with handlebar mount for request round bars. Flat mount is also available for flat surfaces such as , gas tank, flat handle bars, faring, dash board Ana such

    • Can the temperature be displayed in Fahrenheit? Is the battery in the monitor rechargeable? If so, how long does a charge last before one need to recharge?

      The temperature can be changed to Fahrenheit and pressure to PSI. The monitore includes a rechargeable battery that power the display for about 9 months.

    • Are the receivers waterproof?

      Yes, all parts are waterproof

    • I had a near flat tire and the monitor said I had good normal pressure; hasn't changed in a couple months. Now I disconnected the TPMS sensor from the valve stem and it still reads normal pressure. It's stuck. I checked the battery on the TPMS sensor and it shows 2.95v. Good I assume. It seems I need to "reboot" the main unit and reestablish connection to the three TPMS sensors. How do I do this? Or, what is the solution to get the 3 sensors talking to the main unit again?

      Please change the battery in the sensor. battery should be 3.5V. Anything bellow 3.2 is not strong enough.

    • I have 3 trikes, will they interfere with each other if all are equipped with this unit

      each sensor is paired to a soecific head unit. They will not intefere with other units.

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