SRTP670 3 wheeler TPMS with display
SRTP670 3 wheeler TPMS with display

SRTP670 3 wheeler TPMS with display

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SRTP670 3 wheeler TPMS with display


  • Wireless, effortless monitoring of your tire pressure at any time for your safety.
  • 1.5" colour LCD will flash and beep if any problem
  • Easy installation and vandal resistant. Carries one-year parts and labour US warranty by SYKIK
  • Great to use with any brand of motorcycles, including Harley Davidson, Honda, Suzuki, BMW, Yamaha, KTM, Indian, Victory, spider, CanAm and others

    Ask a Question
    • What kind of battery does the monitor use

      Display is equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery. Every 8-12 months, you will need to charge the battery using the provided USB cord

    • Are other views available of the monitor? How does it mount?

      On one side you have 2 buttons to control the functions. On the back, there is a 1/4" nut hole for mount. The unit comes with handlebar mount for request round bars. Flat mount is also available for flat surfaces such as , gas tank, flat handle bars, faring, dash board Ana such

    • Can the temperature be displayed in Fahrenheit? Is the battery in the monitor rechargeable? If so, how long does a charge last before one need to recharge?

      The temperature can be changed to Fahrenheit and pressure to PSI. The monitore includes a rechargeable battery that power the display for about 9 months.

    • Are the receivers waterproof?

      Yes, all parts are waterproof