Sykik Rider srp208 2-Way Motorcycle Alarm with LCD pager remote, remote engine start and shut off, with motion, sensor, tilt sensor and shock sensor.

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Complete alarm system for your motorcycle. Includes a wireless pager/remote with LCD display with a range of up to one mile. Notifies you with sound and vibration, if your bike has been tilted, moved or shocked. Loud siren, great deterrent. In case of a hijack, you can shut off the bike remotely. Carries one year parts and labor warranty by SYKIK, a California corporation.


  • with up to one mile range, the remote notifies you if your bike is moved, tilted or shocked.
  • Anti Hijacking features allows you to shut off the engine remotely from a safe distance
  • Start your bike remotely, find your bike or attract attention remotely by sound and/or light
  • Great to use with any brand of motorcycles, including: Harley Davidson, Honda, Suzuki, BMW, Yamaha, KTM, Indian, Victory and others