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Bluetooth TIre Pressure Monitoring

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Bluetooth TIre Pressure Monitoring


A pair of Bluetooth tire pressure gauges replace your tire air valve caps. Using our free APP, you can connect wirelessly VIA Bluetooth to your smartphone. At any time, you can monitor the tire pressure on front and back tires on your smartphone. Special locks are provided to lock the units in place.

  • Wireless, effortless monitoring of your tire pressure at any time for your safety
  • This unit connects to your Smartphone wirelessly with a free APP.
  • Easy installation and vandal resistant. Carries one-year parts and labor US warranty by SYKIK
  • Great to use with any brand of motorcycles, including Harley Davidson, Honda, Suzuki, BMW, Yamaha, KTM, Indian, Victory, and others


 TPMS installed on top of tire stems, such as SRT200 and SRTP300 and SRTP630, increase the pressure in the tire stem. Hince, not recommended for tires with plastic or rubber stems. Please see SRTP400 for inner TPMS.

App Download:

Search "Sykik TPMS" in the Apple store or Google Play store 

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Ask a Question
  • Can you hook up multiple bikes. IE buy one set for each bike and then monitor it when you ride it?

    Yes, the system communicates via Bluetooth. So if your phone is not close to the bike it will not register. Will only register the set that is on range of about 30 feet 

  • Can I use these to monitor two rv air springs, 60 psi. Will the sensors report pressure if they are not rotating.

    Yes, these are rated to 90PSI. The tires do not need to be rotating for them to work.   

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