Announcing the ZR1

Announcing the ZR1

Posted by Alex Hedvat on

We at Sykik are happy to announce the long-awaited arrival of the ZR1. This camera system is the future of the Sykik rider brand. With its full weatherproof display system, it allows for DVR set up on the dash with no worries of water damage. 
     This is Sykik Riders most advanced system to date.  Easily detachable DVR, that allows for easy removal for when your bike is parked. Shooting at 1080p with 5 hours of total footage.
      Three Different Models:
  • ZR1- this is the most basic model. Retailing at $329.95.
  • ZR1 BT - the upgraded version of the ZR1. With Bluetooth capability, for voice recording during your ride, that records over your footage. Retailing at $359.95.
  • ZR1 BT WIFI - the upgraded version of the ZR1 BT. This model has the voice recording capability. In addition, it allows for wifi connectivity to our intuitive app. Which allows for live streaming and playback via wifi connected device.  Retailing at $399.95.

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  • Hello Kevin,
    If you visit the product page of the product. Scroll to the bottom. There will be links sending you to the Manuals. You can also search for it in the search bar.

    Alex - Sykik on
  • Where are the online manuals?


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