Which Motorcycle camera is right for me?

Which Motorcycle camera is right for me?

Posted by Richard Hong on

As an everyday rider in California, I am at risk every time I jump on my motorcycle. The reason is not that I am a crazy rider or am inexperienced. It is due to other motorists on the streets being distracted. For this reason, I have spent too much time testing out all of the different motorcycle enabled cameras on the market and come to realize this. That there are specific characteristics in a motorcycle dash-cam that are required. 

1. Front and Back 

For many reason's I find it essential to have a front and rear camera. One reason is just as much can happen behind you, as it could in front of you. It is imperative to have a front and rear system to capture as much of the incident as possible. Making a hit and run much less problematic. 

2. Plugged into Bikes Battery 

The system must run off of some other kind of battery source. That is an added safety. This way, it will never run out of battery in the middle of your ride. You are making it so that you can ride as long as you want. You are taking breaks when you want too.

 3. Always Recording 

I had found that when I am using my GoPro for rides, its somehow never on when I needed it to be. This is because when I press record on the unit. I never know if it was on or off prior since it is on top of my head with a camera system that is always recording while I ride. I never have to worry if I filmed the incident or not. 

4. Trust Worthy Brand 

Like I said before, I have purchased almost every camera off Amazon, that claims to be for motorcycle. I have learned that spending that extra bucks on a brand that stands behind its product is worth it. In the cases with all the knock-off Chinese brands, its either the camera somewhat works, or it doesn't work, and if it doesn't work, good luck trying to exchange it or contacting the company for support.

Now that you know all of this, its time to choosing the correct camera system that will compliment your riding styles the most. I say this because there are many different types of methods out there that will the three functionalities, but also incorporate something extra as well. Ex. You can get a system that mounts on your handlebars, it has all the features you want, along with being able to be used as a rearview camera or back up camera. Many different brands and models offer cool extra features that you probably didn't even know existed. So below I have the Sykik motorcycle cameras listed out, with what a rider could expect to use this system for. 



$399.95 -This is Sykiks most advanced System. This system is meant for a rider that likes the most advanced features on their motorcycle. Along with a screen for live viewing traffic behind them or as they back up Along with a YouTuber, this system has Bluetooth built-in. Connecting directly to your Intercom system (Sena units) to do live voice-overs as you are riding. 


Starting at $149.95 to $299.95 - The RW series is a unique type of motorcycle camera system. There is nothing on the market like it today. With a large 4.5 inch water-resistant display. Capable of those very long rides, and covering your blind spots, this system is perfect for large bikes. This unit comes in a 720P version or a 1080P version.


$249.95 - The XR series considered a camera made for the adventorious commuter. This series moutns out of sight; under the seat, trunk, bags. Meaning, you never need to look at it when your riding. Allowing for endless recording, worry free and hands free. Shooting both 1080P front a rear, allowing for HD video for all kinds of riders, commuting and adventure riding. 







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