Top 3 Reasons all Uber/Lyft Drivers Need a Dashcam

Top 3 Reasons all Uber/Lyft Drivers Need a Dashcam

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Dash cam – An Uber/Lyft Drivers Bestfriend


Whether you are working for Uber, Lyft, or a separate rideshare company. A car dash cam is a must have on any and all shifts!

Why is this?

This is because incidents such as accidents on the road and thieving passengers can happen in a moments notice, leaving you blindsided and unprepared. Not to mention, that simply from the increased amount of time you spend on the road, your chances of being involved in such incidents more than doubles.

Which is why as a professional driver you should absolutely be protecting yourself and your car with a dash cam!

In the coming sections, we will dive deeper into the top three reasons as to why as a professional driver you should be utilizing a car dash cam on all your shifts to come.



Terrible Drivers/Passengers

First and foremost, terrible drivers on the road and terrible passengers in your car. As much as we try our best in regards to being a safe driver. Sometimes we’re caught in accidents in which we no have responsibility.

Unfortunate situations such as this happen all the time. Which is why we urge all rideshare drivers to protect themselves with a car dash cam. Don’t get caught unprepared in such events, with a dash cam you can capture actual evidence of what happens in real time! Keeping all parties involved accountable, whether it be yourself, another person, and the authorities.

 Now that we’ve addressed the chaos that could happen on the road, we can address the passengers within your car. Being in the rideshare business, we know reckless passengers are of no shortage.

Countless rideshare drivers have already become victims to thieving passengers and false accusations. Stay protected at all times in the event of such situations and ready with the help of a car dash cam. Capture live footage to keep yourself and other parties involved accountable at all times.

 You’ll see, your dash cam will become your best friend on the road in no time!

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Capture Every Moment

As for the second reason as to why you should be protecting yourself with a dash cam. Which is so you can be able to capture every moment on the road and inside your car.

As we all know the road can be a place of beauty, enjoyable moments, annoyance, fear, panic, and accidents; sometimes touching every element within a single trip. With so much going on inside and outside of your car, as a professional driver you shouldn’t have to worry about variable factors happening around you, but instead keep your focus on the road.

Which is why a dash cam makes the perfect companion to accompany you during any and all of your shifts. Keep your focus on what really matters and let your dash cam act as your second pair of eyes. Eyes that will continuously work towards keeping you safe and accountable.

With a car dash cam, you are able to capture first-hand evidence in the event you find yourself in an accident or if you simply wish to come back to a video to relive a memorable moment. Whether it’s the good, the bad, or the ugly; be assured that with a dash cam you’ll never miss a moment again.

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Keep an Eye on Your Untended Vehicle

Lastly, looking at the last reason why you should absolutely be protecting yourself and your car with a dash cam. For the purpose of keeping an eye on your vehicle at all times, even when you are away and cannot physically be there.

Today’s dash cams come packed with a variety of different features. One of our favorites is “stand by mode”, which allows your dash cam to continue recording even after you’ve turned off your car and have called it a night.

With continuous recording throughout all hours of the day, you’ll never have to worry or wonder if your car is safe. Simply check your dash cam stream from the comfort of your smartphone and within seconds you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your car is safe from intruders and reckless drivers at all times.


Here at SYKIK, we understand that everyone can stand to benefit from the added benefits of safety, security, and the assurance that a dash cam offers. However, when it comes to professional rideshare drivers, we firmly believe that every driver should have a dash cam!

Record your road trips, Uber rides, Lyft rides, and all adventures on the road with a dependable dash cam for your car. Remember, to always look for a reliable brand that could help with your various needs and requirements.

No need to worry, we at SYKIK can help you with this!

We’ve done our research and invested the time to bring you the latest dash cams on the market.

Our car dash cams will provide you with an extra set of eyes on the road and inside your vehicle. So you are free to focus and enjoy the open road ahead of you.


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