Best Dash Cameras for Motorcycles in 2019

Best Dash Cameras for Motorcycles in 2019

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Generally speaking, a dashcam or dashboard camera is a camera mounted in front or at the back of a vehicle to continuously record videos. A dash camera for motorcycle is one of the most popular of these devices. Most riders set it up not only to capture their riding experiences but also to document video evidence in case they are involved in a road accident.

When selecting a dash camera for motorcycle, look for the common “must-have” features for a dashcam. Since your primary purpose of installing it is to have great videos of your rides or quality visual documents in the event of an accident, the one you choose should have:

  • Good Video Quality – It should have high video resolutions to give you clearer footage and recordings.
  • Connection for Constant Power Supply – It should be able to connect to a switched power source from your motorcycle to avoid power drainage and ensure continuous recording.
  • Auto Start/Stop Functions – It should automatically start and stop, depending on the ignition. Once you turn the ignition on and off, it should start and stop, respectively.
  • Loop Recording Feature – With this feature, you do not have to worry about the SD card hitting capacity, as it will automatically overwrite previous recordings.
  • Date and Time Stamp – It should have the correct time and date stamp on recorded videos, as this will provide you with accurate data of what you will experience on the road.

Aside from these, a good motorcycle DVR or dash cam should be small and discreet so as not to draw attention; made of solid, durable, and reliable material, as motorcycle rides can be rough; weather-proof, as it will be exposed to the outdoor elements; and have easy and clear operating controls for more convenience.

With these attributes, a dash camera for motorcycle will be one of the most useful components you will have on your ride.

The Best Dash Cameras for Motorcycle Reviews

Dash Cam One - Sykik RW Series

For the discriminating rider who demands the best

The Sykik RW series that includes the RW1 and RW3.0, offers two of the best-selling performance dash cameras for motorcycle, which are among the best on the market today. Each comes with two cameras to allow you to record both points of view—the front and the back.

The RW series dashcams are among the most innovative cameras SYKIK has made so far.

Features in Detail:

  • Waterproof front and rear cameras with 140-degree angle coverage
  • 720P HD video resolution
  • 4.5-inch water-resistant display
  • AAA grade glass that is optimized for low-light recordings
  • Smart park sensor
  • 17-inch standard cable for each camera
  • 77-inch extension cable for all motorcycle fittings
  • 1080P HD video resolution
  • 4.5-inch water-resistant motorcycle DVR
  • AAA grade glass that is optimized for low-light recordings
  • Smart park sensor
  • 17-inch standard cable for each camera
  • 77-inch extension cable for all motorcycle fittings
Recording Capabilities:

Both the RW1 and RW3.0 are a game-changing dash camera for motorcycle that not only records what you see at the front of your bike but also the back—a capability that you will not find in other similar devices.

Also, both motorcycle security camera products come with a built-in G-sensor that records the moment your motorcycle is bumped or detects impact. It creates a 2-5 minute file of the event.

These make the cameras a must-have if you are a motorcycle enthusiast wanting to capture everything while you use your bike.

Mounting and Display:

The RW1 and RW3.0 motorcycle dashcams can seamlessly connect to your bike. With their water-proof front and back cameras and a 4.5-inch monitor screen, you will have an extra pair of eyes to check your blind spots.

Their HD resolutions will also allow you to capture great-quality videos of the scenic views and everything happening around you as you ride.

The monitor can be taken off and snapped back in place easily with simple color-coded wiring.

Automatic Smart Features:

These cameras come with smart park attachments, which means that whenever you turn the ignition on, they will also automatically turn on. Conversely, they turn off when you turn the ignition off. This save’s your bike’s battery energy.

Optional Upgrades:

If you choose, you can get optional upgrades for these cameras. You can install it with a GPS tracking unit that allows you to play your location while simultaneously seeing your bike’s footage.

This SYKIK motorcycle dash cam series can also come with a wired remote that lets you save any portion of your recordings anytime you choose to.

  • The motorcycle dashcams use 32GB SD card as standard, you can still use them with 64GB cards without experiencing any issues.
  • The extension cables are long enough, so you will not have any installation issues with whatever motorcycle model you own.
  • They are so convenient to operate with their smart features.
  • With optional upgrades, you can enjoy more innovative features depending on your requirements.
  • The monitor is not portable to take off the bike. Nonetheless, it is bolted to the bike, so it is highly secure.
  • Unlike a motorcycle helmet with camera that captures everything wherever you are looking at, these cameras are fixed to a single view.

All in all, the RW1 or RW3.0 dash camera for motorcycle is a wise investment for your bike. Despite a few flaws, the dash cams have better overall performance.

Dash Cam 2 - Sykik CR General Series

Extreme cams for extreme riders


Sykik’s aim was to be the leading source of high-quality safety gear for all motorists.

The company believes that riders are more at risk on a motorcycle than on a four-wheel vehicle. This is why they have dedicated their time and resources in providing the best quality safety equipment for motorbikes like their motorcycle DVR.

More importantly, Sykik also aims to offer products at reasonable prices. This is what the Sykik experience is all about.

The Sykik CR General Series of motorcycle security camera was then introduced. This series of dual camera systems for motorbikes plays an important role in ensuring all motorists and riders are safe on the road at all times without going broke.

It comes in two versions: CR and CR2. Both versions of the dash camera for motorcycle connect directly to a bike’s battery or Smart Park power system.

What’s amazing about the CR1 series is that it automatically records data on a micro SD card as soon as your device detects movements and stops after three minutes of inactivity. The CR1 can be loaded with a 32GB Type10 micro SD card and the CR2 with 128GB.

However, you’ll need to buy the memory cards separately.

Features in Detail:

  • Holds 32GB micro SD card
  • 2-inch DVR
  • 720P video format camera
  • 77-inch extension cable for all fittings of motorbikes (additional extension can be bought separately)
  • Waterproof front and rear cameras (90 degree angle coverage)
  • AAA grade glass (optimized for low light recordings)
  • Smart Park Sensor (camera shuts off when bike is turned off)
  • Holds up to 128GB micro SD cards
  • 2-inch DVR
  • 1080P HD video format camera
  • 720P HD video rear camera
  • 17-inch standard camera cable for each camera
  • 77-inch extension cable for all fittings of motorbikes (additional extension can be bought separately)
  • AAA grade glass (optimized for low light recordings)
  • Smart Park Sensor (camera shuts off when bike is turned off)
Built-in Safety Features

Both dash camera for motorcycle are quite useful in the event of a vehicular accident. With the CR series, the built-in sensor splices the video footage of the incident and then saves the file in the memory.

Both devices’ camera lenses can rotate 360 degrees to make installation on any angle easy. CR1 and CR2 provide clear recording. The CR2 has Wi-Fi connectivity so you can connect it to your mobile phone.

Google Maps Playback

You can play back both front and back views on your computer. If your CR1 or CR2 motorcycle DVR has a GPS tracker, you can display your route on Google Maps.

Smart Park Sensor

The CR1 and CR2 both come with the Smart Park Power system that allows both devices to start and stop recording once motion is detected.

CR1 and CR2 have room five hours of DVR recording through their micro SD cards.


You can install a GPS tracker to your CR1 or CR2 dash camera for motorcycle. This will allow you to display your destination side-by-side the camera’s footage.

  • Lets you record videos from your bike’s view, not your helmet.
  • All settings are accessible through the buttons on the DVR device itself.
  • Records front and back camera views simultaneously.
  • Comes with a Collision G-sensor that splices the footage and saves the video of an accident separately into the memory card.
  • Easy to install.
  • Video quality can be better.
  • Isn’t waterproof.
  • Audio quality is not that good.

As you can see, the CR series dash camera for motorcycle is ideal for those who are looking to invest in affordable security cameras for motorcycles. It has the basic safety features you need, which means that you are safer on the road.

Dash Cam 3 - INNOVV Motorcycle Camera System

The INNOVV is known for producing some of the best motorcycle cameras you can buy in the market like the INOVV K1 and C3 cameras. Just recently, it has released the new K2 and C5 models that reportedly surpassed their predecessors.

INNOVV K2 Dual-Channel Motorcycle Camera

The successor to the INNOVV K1 model, the INNOVV K2 boasts improvements and additional specifications that make it better in various aspects.

This rugged-designed dual-channel dash camera for motorcycle has a front and rear lens that let you view video recordings from both ends of your motorcycle. It comes with weatherproof and waterproof features and 1080p lens that work round the clock in different lighting conditions.

It also features live video viewing on its iOS or Android app, including a GPS tag for you to see. This makes it superior in recording footage on instances of accidents.

The problem with the INNOVV K2 is it is inconvenient to operate and has insufficient control over its video resolution.

  • Fantastic and high-quality rugged hardware design
  • Great weatherproof and waterproof features
  • Installation convenience
  • Could operate fully by its own yet manual interaction is possible
  • Live video monitoring from both front and rear cameras
  • Separate remote control device is unavailable aside from the phone app
  • Cameras couldn’t be adjusted on different resolution
  • Problematic ejection of storage card
  • Blurry map playback feature
  • External audio ports need improvements

The INNOVV K2 is a great successor of the K1 but it still needs certain improvements with its controls. Moreover, it need improvements on its audio-video playback, making it the least ideal choice among motorcycle DVR products in the market.

Dash Cam 4 - SENA Prism

Sena Prism Bluetooth Action Camera

The Sena Prism is an action camera that can be mounted on your motorcycle or on your helmet. It is a Bluetooth-capable camera device and comes with handy features that are functional enough in recording your ride.

However, this might not be a good choice if you’re looking for a motorcycle security camera. Read on to find out.

The Sena Prism can record videos in varying resolutions, like in 480p, 720p or 1080p, plus it can capture your voice through its Sena Bluetooth intercom so you can overlay your narration as the camera records videos.

You can also adjust the camera settings through a downloadable app, making it quite convenient to use. Moreover, Bluetooth controls are also available through Bluetooth headsets.

The Sena Prism is also a waterproof camera suitable for use in unfavorable weather conditions.

What the Sena Prism lacks is the live video viewing feature, either through the device or through its app. That could make it a critical issue since live viewing is an important aspect in terms of security concerns and when checking if the camera is still recording.

Moreover, the Sena Prism doesn’t have the best resolution output compared to the similar line of motorcycle action cameras. It has lesser sharp outputs, and you can observe less accurate colors as well.

Although it can capture videos and photos with output quite similar to DSLR or mirrorless cameras, viewing outputs on large screens can give blurry details. The output is best viewed in smaller screens.

  • The Sena Prism has excellent and reliable mount features
  • Bluetooth voice recording
  • Varying video and photo resolutions
  • Waterproof
  • Lacks live viewing capabilities
  • Best viewed in smaller screens only
  • Improper installation increases the risk of the camera being dropped
  • Must be handled with extra care to keep damaging parts

The Sena Prism Bluetooth Action Camera boasts cool specifications that you cannot easily find in other similar motorbike cameras, especially about its superior mounting features. Unfortunately, it lacks the vital features for better security. Think twice before you invest in it.

Dash Cam 5 - Bike Bro – Dual Camera Motorcycle DVR

It is always cool to capture great memories of your rides. Now, one product that you can add to your bike is the Bike Bro. It is a comprehensive, reliable dash camera for motorcycle that is designed exclusively for motorcycles.

  • Waterproof HD quality front and rear cameras
  • Dual channel synchronised recording
  • Automatic switch on and off and recording
  • 1280 x 720 video resolutions for each camera
  • Captured “event” files protection
  • 6.5cm x 5.8cm motorcycle DVR control unit
  • 2-inch TFT color display monitor
  • Built in G-shock impact sensor
  • Loop recording
  • Event pre-record function
  • Time and date stamp on video footage
  • Internal battery back-up
  • Smart power option for CANBUS bikes
  • Waterproof GPS sensor
  • AVI video format
Recording Capabilities:

With its automatic switch on and off feature, the cameras start recording when you turn the ignition on and stops when you turn your bike off. However, you can also choose to install a wired rider dual panic on the handle to manually operate the cameras to record and preserve events, like dangerous driving by other drivers and road rage.

Footage is stored in a 32GB SD card that is specifically designed for DVR use.

Loop recording is also a feature, which means the camera system automatically overwrites previous videos if the memory card becomes full.


This camera system includes a compact, TFT color DVR control unit and monitor that displays HD-quality videos of your ride experiences and recorded evidence in the event of an accident.


The front and rear cameras are small enough to easily fit on your bike using the mounting brackets.

As for the control unit, it is also compact enough, that you can mount it under the seat or next to your bike’s battery. It can easily be removed from your bike if you want by simply unplugging a few connectors.

  • The Bike Bro cameras are small and easy to fit neatly on any bike.
  • The control unit can be easily removed for security or storage purposes.
  • It uses automotive grade waterproof locking connectors for power and cameras, which are better at withstanding constant vibration.
  • It is easy to operate.
  • Though this camera system is intended for bike use, it still works for cars and vans with a camera extension kit.
  • It is not compatible with any type of SD card.
  • It only uses automotive grade waterproof locking connectors for power and cameras, which means it is not compatible with USB ports.

While the Bike Bro is a great dash camera for motorcycle, it still has its own set of weaknesses, making it not the best option for you to have.

Dash Cam 6 - MotoProCam Dual 1080P WIFI DVR Cam System

It is nice when you can capture the most fascinating moments of your trip, but it is much more useful when you can protect yourself. Motoprocam is positioned to do so, to protect you from unwished tickets or to prove your innocence in the case of an accident.

So, is it really so good as it is meant to be? Let us check, step by step.

Wi-Fi connection--and this is what the camera has, means, that you can upload your videos to any social networks. That’s useful. Doesn’t matter which kind of content you would like to share.

  • IP54 water-resistant sleeve for rainy weather recording
  • Free App for iPhone and Android
  • Various mounts are available
  • Optional GPS option
  • Easy to set up and user-friendly menu
  • Lacks 360-degree view
  • Operating temperature is not promising

Even though the camera has evident advantages, it cannot be relied on as an option that can be used to protect you from the many risks on the road. It is definitely better to look for options that don’t have the significant drawbacks listed above.

Dash Cam 7 - MotoProCam Dual Camera

Filming the most beautiful moments during your trip, just on the move, is an amazing experience. However, it is even better if you can film moments without spending a lot and while protecting you from unwanted problems.

Each motorcyclist understands that having a good dash camera for motorcycle is a huge advantage. It not only brings many pleasant moments but helps in many unpleasant situations, as well.

So, is the MotoProCam Dual camera system worth the investment?

Yes, it has a number of advantages. The most significant would be the fact that it is water-resistant. With many road accidents happening when the road is wet and slippery, being able to use the camera under unfavourable conditions is a major draw.

  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Day and night modes
  • iPhone and Android App for viewing and controls
  • Older videos are deleted automatically when the memory card is full
  • Comes with various mounts
  • Doesn’t work in temperatures below zero
  • Lacks a user’s guide

Despite its several benefits, the MotoProCam Dual camera system is not worth buying if you prefer to ride your bike during winter. Unless you plan to switch to a different camera when the temperature drops zero.

But wouldn’t it be better to buy a more versatile dash camera for motorcycle?


Look after your motorcycle and it will look after you


There are a good number of dash camera for motorcycle available on the market today, each boasting unique and fantastic features to serve their purposes. Some have a high-quality resolution, wider angle of vision, live viewing capacity, while others have advanced specifications like Bluetooth capacity, waterproof and weatherproof features, and large storage space, among others.

However, most cameras for motorcycles still lack certain functionalities or features that you need the most. Some have sufficient features but are quite problematic or inconvenient in certain aspects.

For the best deal, invest in Sykik Rider cameras for motorbikes.

They are proven to be the best option among the rest. It has all the specifications you need for a quality motorbike camera, like quality video recording, superior connection to power supply, auto start and stop, loop recording capacity, waterproof and weatherproof, and can display accurate data like date and time.

This means you can trust Sykik cameras to produce quality video recording throughout your ride without any problems. Regardless of the external factors, such as bad weather conditions, you can expect the devices to function efficiently and yield quality videos.

All motorcycle DVR camera units from Sykik are proven to be superior compared with other brands, plus more upgraded models are coming soon as well. These are cameras made for motorcycle riders, by motorcycle riders, thus ensuring that all models have everything that a rider like you need while on the road.

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