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As a consumer myself, I need to avid research before I buy a product. I’ve had bad experiences in the past where I bought something without doing the research and that usually comes back to bite me in the butt. I’ve dealt with a wide array of motorcycle cameras from helmet-mounted cameras, bike mounted cameras, Go Pros you name it man. But I have to say its quite the hard gamble. It entirely depends on the journey that you want to take. Are you a touring kinda guy, do you enjoy the thrill of a sports bike. Do you like to cruise around town with your cafe racer? Choosing a camera that suits your need is the most important part of deciding. Is safety a priority for you or shooting cool trips while on your bike. IT can be a hard decision with so many different motorcycle cameras out there. So let’s break it into categories.

If you're into the more adventurous type of journey in your life. If you're more into shooting views and scenic rides than there are a few cameras that can accommodate your needs.


  • Go-Pro Hero 7



    1. Camera Quality: is absolutely beautiful for shooting scenic rides and views. If your more of an adventurous guy and want to showcase your ride through your eyes this would be the best option.
    2. Durable: Gopros are made to last and have the branding and prestigious name to back it up. They have built a brand in adventure and capability. Withstanding the tolls of the world it can handle complete submersion underwater.


    1. Battery Problems: I’ve always had problems with the battery. Gopro tends to have great performance and capability but charging it to only last an hour or two is awful. It can be great for shooting clips but for a long trip and to use it as a safety device is not that useful.
    2. Recording Problems: Always have to remember to press record. You have to remember to push the button otherwise your shooting nothing really.



    OBEST Biker Camera


    1. Camera Installation: Easy installation. Plugs into your battery and all the wires are easily plugged into one another. Works pretty easily and the recording feature just needs to have a single button clicked.
    2. Comes with two cameras for a low price.
    3. Durable: Camera is Fully waterproof with and allows for riding in all types of weather or terrain.


    1. Camera Quality: Shoots in 1080p with 30fps. But the built-in stabilization on the cameras is not made for this tough terrain of the road. The footage cuts out often and videos are very distorted.
    2. Customer Service for OBEST is non-existent. They have a phone number on their site but yet no one ever answers. When you are sending in emails or write a question on their forum, it could take weeks to get a response from them.

    Sykik ZR1 Bluetooth Wifi 


    1. All features: All of the benefits of Innov C5 camera. And then some.
    2. Gps Sensor: Want to track the location of your bike through google maps? Well if you simply get the GPS sensor along with your camera setup you'll have a live feed of where your bike is and where it's gone. Bike theft is an epidemic that is growing more and more every day. Get the extra security you need and a great camera along with it.
    3. Simple Setup: Color coated wiring to set up your bike that seamlessly attaches to your bike's battery with ease. Most other bike cameras have complicated setups and they usually make your bike battery die overnight. Our setup will be simple and get the job done. The monitor also can easily be taken off to prevent theft with just a few disconnects, unlike other cameras that are mounted and can easily be taken off Sykik has your back.
    4. Durability: Our cameras are small and seamlessly fit into your bike's setup without anyone noticing. They are made from a high-quality aluminum that's light and strong for all interactions you may face on your bike journey. The strength and durability will benefit you for years to come and last.
    5. Impact sensor: The moment your bike gets hit by another car or drops in a parking lot it begins recording. This can help watch out for you in courts in the event you have to provide video evidence of what occurred. And if someone begins to move or try and steal your bike you will have the opportunity to catch their identity or vehicle.
    6. Customer Service: Sykik is very reliable with their customer service. They provide a Live Chat on their site that is up 24/7. If they miss you on there they will be sure to respond Via email as well. 


    1. Picture Quality: The picture quality is very good and runs quite well. But when you through very bumpy terrain it can distort the cameras picture but our stabilizers do their job and run better than competitors.


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