Best Motorcycle Dashcam 2019

Best Motorcycle Dashcam 2019

Posted by Alex Hedvat on

What exactly is a dashcam?

Motorcycle dashcams are cameras that are directly mounted on your motorcycle. They can be mounted permanently on to the bike providing video evidence in the event of an accident and provide you with footage for your trips. Dash cams for motorcycles are mounted onto your bike so it can’t be stolen and provide you with an extra cushion of safety considering the unpredictability of the roads. Dashcams are a necessity.

What features are needed for your dashcam?

Dashcams can be a complicated subject you can choose cameras for video quality or safety but I’ll simplify this for you guys. And help you decide what features you need for your bike.


Durability is the #1 thing when finding the right dashcam. There are many dashcams on the market that advertise quality and capability but most of them are low-quality can easily be stolen and break after a road pebble hitting it. You need to find the best long-lasting material that won’t affect your journey. The Sykik ZR1 camera is made from an Aluminum alloy camera that provides you quality and durability.

2.Video Quality

Video quality is one of the most important features for selecting your dashcam. Dashcams are used for safety and video footage. You need to get a camera with 1080P quality to record license plates in the event of an accident and to record the most accurate footage with the least amount of disruption and clouding that most motorcycle dashcams have. The Sykik ZR1 has 1080P video quality with waterproof lenses to watch your back when others don’t.

3.Simple Instructions

Dashcams can be a complicated subject for most other brands that require you to set up your camera every time you ride and checking the cameras if they're plugged in. Most other brands have complicated instructions and setups for your daily commute. So finding a good camera that can automatically record when you start your bike is a godsend. Look for a camera with simple buttons for your ride and better yet automatically start recording when you start your bike. Our ZR1 camera does all of the above and does it without draining your battery overnight.

  1. Front and Rear Dashcams

This is the definitely one of the most important features in your buyer's journey. You must get a camera that records both the front and back of your bike. Imagine you get rear-ended and the person drives off leaving you injured and accountable for their problem. But imagine you got their license plate from behind and took them to court and got your life back? Having front and back cameras is the best investment you can ever make. It can give you interesting shots of your ride and most importantly watch your back when you can’t. The Sykik ZR1 camera does all of this while providing excellent video quality. What else could you ask for?


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