CBR5.0 Rugged Camera system
CBR5.0 Rugged Camera system
CBR5.0 Rugged Camera system
CBR5.0 Rugged Camera system
CBR5.0 Rugged Camera system
CBR5.0 Rugged Camera system


CBR5.0 Rugged Camera system

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CBR5.0 Rugged Camera system


 This system is designed not only to record what is happening all around your motorcycle and power sports, but also provide a live view of your back to reduce blind spots. Designed for easy installation (about 30 minutes). Starts and stops with your ignition. Recording on a removable Micro SD cards can take up to 10 hours of recording before looping. With built-in "G" sensor, in case of an accident, will keep the corresponding video file of the accident in emergency mode, saves it from loop override.


Ask a Question
  • Does the CBR5.0 support automatic start/stop of recording, i.e. auto start recording when the bike starts moving and automatic stop recording when the bike stops.

    CBR5.0 does not come with Smart Park. It includes 3 wire power module. You will connect 2 wires (Red and Black) to your battery, the third (orange) will connect to accessory outlet, radio, headlight, ignition or any other controlled power. the system will start up when you start your engine and shut offs when the ignition is off. let me know if any questions

  • My SanDisk Extreme 256gb SD Card U3 is not recognized. What 256gb cards are recognized?

    To use such a large capacity memory card, you will need to go to menu and format the card in in the main unit.

  • looks like there are four buttons on the left side of the screen, what functions do they perform? do all screens come with the orange or yellow accents? or can it be all solid gray or black?

    The 4 buttons are to turn of, or on recording, getting to the menu and change setting also to change from PIP view on screen to single camera view, front and back. More information is available on the manual. You can see or dowload from the product page. 
    At this  time orange accent color is the only available choice.

  • What type of mounting to the handle bar does the display unit support and what does it come with?

    The unit is supplied with a round handelbar mount. You can also request a flat mount for flat surfaces if you wish. The interface for mount is a standard 1/8" , with many 3rd party options available on line.

  • Can the screen be setup to show the rear camera with accurate speed?

    Yes, you can set the display to only show the rear camera, and speed.

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